Pac West Helicopters

Pac West Helicopters

FAA Certified Repair Station

Pac West helicopters, Inc

Pac West Helicopters was established in 1990, and in 2010 incorporated to Pac West helicopters, Inc. We remain under the same ownership and are committed to the finest workmanship possible. We provide premium parts and perform high quality repair, overhaul, maintenance and modernization services for military, commercial, and private sector helicopters along with their associated components. We utilize current technical publications and manuals to ensure continued safe operations. We Specialize in MD 500 Heavy Airframe Damage Repair, Airframe Composite Panel Replacements and Sheetmetal Repair. We also perform component Overhauls for the 500 Series (MDHS), Bell 204, 205, and 212, and the UH-1 Helicopters.

  • MD500 Heavy Airframe Damage Repair
  • Airframe Panel Replacements and Sheetmetal Repair
  • Refurbishment and Modification
  • Light Machine Shop and Welding Capabilities

Distributor for:

  • BLR Fast Fin UH-1, Tailboom Strake Kit
  • VanHorn Aviation UH-1H Tail Rotor Blades
  • FDC Filtration Development Co.
  • HTC Helicopter Technology Co.
  • Becker Avionics
  • Technisonic's
  • NAT Northern Airborne Technology
  • Chelton Flight Systems
  • Component Overhauls
  • 500 Series (MDHS)
  • Bell 204-205
  • Bell 212
  • UH-1
  • In House PMA
  • FAA Approved STC's Atained

FAA Repair Station PW6R116J

  • Airframe Class 3
  • Radio Class 1
  • Radio Class 2
  • NDT: All manufacturers
  • Limited: Power Plant